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Life gets in the way

Life gets in the way

What's your excuse? ๐Ÿ™‰

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ยทAug 9, 2022ยท

1 min read

  • Javascript
  • Drivers License
  • Dutch

  • Free time: 1h a day.
  • Energy: 4/10 (babies are mental)

How the fuck?

Since July 8th I've skipped JS study on 4 Saturdays and 1 Sunday, each other day at least 30mins of study. Doesn't sound like much, but I am pretty proud of that.

But a new challenger has appeared, the dire need to get my dutch drivers license for the baby.

With an already meagre 30mins-1h a day the only reasonable amount of free time available for study, how do I fit in the study of signs, turn priorities and ridiculous words like snorfiets?

If you have any advice outside of selling the child to Nike, please let me know. For now I am determined to stick this one out any way possible.

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